The Famous Facebook Wall

F8 the annual Facebook developers conference has some stiff competition. No we are not talking about the Snapchat rivalry – but rather the battle for the #F8 hashtag. On April 18, Facebook won Twitter against the movie franchise that recently released its 8th edition action adventure with hot men and even hotter cars.


Last week, to celebrate and promote the conference FB locations around the globe live-streamed the keynote with Mark Zuckerberg introducing new features in his all his adorable awkwardness. FB Tel Aviv was no exception and live-streamed the event to a packed audience complete with drinks, snacks and swag.

new ways to connect with customers.  This is exciting and great for any product, service or general marketing startegy in launch mode and beyond.

Here is a quick rundown of the highlights:

The camera will serve as the first AR platform.

FB is crowdsourcing AR experiences. So while Snap will have x number of filters and AR experiences, FB will have an unlimited supply of creators because it has made its AR tech available for devs to build on top of.

FB Spaces – a VR program that will allow (cartoon avatars with nothing below the waist) friends to virtually hang out. Virtual reality is more powerful than you would think: during the testing phase there was a glitch causing participants to be stuck virtually “holding hands” the participants blushed and one announced he would have to tell his wife about this.

FB Studio – you can now create custom filters right in FB. More sharing without leaving FB.

Messenger 2.0 supporting bots and offers messenger as a vehicle to interact with customers and reports higher customer satisfaction using this tool.

AI powered analytics – listen up marketers: FB will integrate machine learning into its analytics platform and identify your best performing content, surface trends and monitor engagement in new ways. Doubling up on “insights”, yes please.

FB has come a long way since it offered you the chance to reach out and poke someone.  FB continues to improve and reinvent the way we communicate with each other. These introductions are FB’s contribution linking the digital world the the physical worlds.  With four screens and a physical meetup FB still used the “old” technology to bring us all together. Let’s see what they can pull off next year.

Facebook swag

To wrap up and conclude on this exciting event, Facebook has made it possible for anyone to really leverage themselves and their brand through their various channels.  For the early adopters, anyone with an Occulus headset can try out these new features right away. Developers can now create AR experiences without reinventing the wheel or spending months figuring out how to measure images on a screen. Marketers will have better tools to reach the 1.8 FB Billion users and companies have new ways to connect with customers.  This is exciting and great for any product, service or general marketing startegy in launch mode and beyond.