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MADwomen are Mobile and Digital women who have shared their story on The MADwomen Podcast.  They show us the woman behind the profile, her story, her role models, her inspiration, plus lessons learned along the way.

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We’re proud to wrap Season 1 with 26 inspirational episodes!  

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#MeToo MADwomen – a Bonus episode to share our #MeToo stories.  

WiW President Sheryl Tullis says, “MeToo is about strength in numbers, about standing together and speaking out against an issue that disempowers women.  Together, we can confront this challenge and change the balance.”

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“We began the podcast to give our community of accomplished women a voice! Our MADwomen have an incredible wealth of knowledge to share from leadership lessons to health and wellness to overcoming personal challenges. It’s been a true honor to visit with each of these MADwomen.”

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Mia Tramz

Managing Editor Life VR, Time, Inc.

“Your friends and your family at the end of the day are the most important thing; spending time with the people I love has been the best way to look after my own wellness.”

Mia shares how love and laughter have impacted her work and personal life.

Farzana Nasser

President, Women in Wireless

“If you don’t create that visibility, if you don’t share your knowledge both internally and externally, people aren’t thinking about you every minute. They’re not going to go out of their way to find out what you’re doing, why it’s working, how you’re making an impact. You really have to tell them.”

Farzana tells us how knocking on closed doors has benefited her career. She also shares how not getting into the MBA program at Columbia led to her founding her first company, and how not winning her first Facebook Innovation Competition led to a sweeter win down the line.

Linda Descano

EVP Havas PR

“There will always be people around you who will tell you what you can’t do because you don’t have an MBA from a pedigree school, because you are too fat, which is something that I experienced. You have to believe that you can, and you will, and to not let anyone undermine you.”

Linda calls herself a “conversation architect”. She shares how being curious and loving learning has given her the confidence to step into roles for which she was under qualified, and excel at them.

Jen Kluczkowski

Co-Founder & CEO, Mindfresh

“Wow, I cannot do this anymore. For me it was not only the back pain and the insomnia, but I didn’t want to get out of bed and go to a job that I had previously loved so much.”

Jen shares her experience of career burnout, and how it inspired her to start MindFresh, a company that integrates yoga and mindfulness into the workplace.

Joan Kuhl

President and Founder,  Why Millennials Matter

“I think that we need to get this conversation happening with men, equally, as ambassadors in-house in those traditional companies that lack that diversity.”

Joan is the founder of Why Millennials Matter, which prepares employers to develop and retain millennial talent through insights into what this generation values and the benefits that will inspire their loyalty. She shares how having mentors and sponsors has been pivotal in accelerating her career, and how she pays it forward through mentoring and contributing to the inspirational economy in so many ways!

Obele Brown-West

SVP Digital Account & Engagement Lead, Weber Shandwick

“You are your best champion. No one will go to bat for you more than you can for yourself.”

Obele tells us about the decision she made when she took a job that she knew was wrong for her, plus how she finds it meaningful to intentionally put herself in uncomfortable situations. Obele was recently named to the 40 under 40 list by PR WEEKments.

Jenny Galluzzo

Co-Founder, The Second Shift

“I one time got a fortune cookie, and the fortune cookie said, ‘act as if it was impossible to fail.’ That has become my mantra. ”

When all the voices say, ‘you’re an impostor, and you don’t know what you’re talking about,’ I just pretend like I do, and I just keep going forward, and I speak with authority, and I know what I know, and it seems to be working.” Jenny shares her inspiration for starting The Second Shift, a company that affords women non-traditional and flexible work environments.

Samantha Skey

President & CRO, SheKnowsMedia

“I didn’t want to act like a ‘woman'”

I wanted to act like a guy, and that meant being relentless. The years have taught me that winning your point is sometimes a circuitous route.” Samantha talks about reading the room and delivering a strong message without alienating your audience. She also discusses how she supports women to combine family planning and career, and leads by example when it comes to taking care of herself and her family.

Tash Jefferies

Digital and Social Media Strategist at Tash Jefferies

“Don’t ever let anybody tell you you cannot have a seat at the table.”

Tash Jefferies is a co-founder, a tech visionary, a social and digital media advisor, a content creator, an author, a wellness specialist, a TEDx speaker, and a dancing queen! She’s overcome some daunting obstacles and paved the way for women of color in Silicon Valley. Get to know this dynamic MADWoman’s secret sauce – equal parts STEM, audacity, healthy living and joyful practice.

Jessica Rovello

CEO & Co-Founder of Arkadium

“I knew at 23 that I was not going to sacrifice being a great friend or a great daughter, or a great mother or a great wife, to bow at the altar of money and innovation.”

According to Jessica Rovello, a healthy work/life balance can be achieved even when you’re a CEO. She leads by example, coming home almost every night with her co-founder (also known as her husband) to have dinner with their 3 children. Jessica shares how this passion for maintaining a positive workplace culture earned Arkadium the Best Workplace Award 2016 from Inc. Magazine.

Sheryl Tullis

“I never knew girls were supposed to be bad at math or science”

Sheryl Tullis has spent her life challenging preconceptions and pushing boundaries. Now a partner at Launch Consulting Group, her incredible career has taken her from the military to Microsoft. In this episode of the MADWomen Podcast, Sheryl shares her passion for reaching back to help other women up the career ladder, and talks about how a childhood injury changed the course of her life. Hear about the obstacles she’s faced, the lessons she’s learned, and her against-the-odds journey to career success.

Anne Frisbie

VP of Global Alliances at InMobi

“Are you comfortable with uncertainty in your career?”

Anne Frisbie, VP of Global Alliances at InMobi, has a history of anticipating the next big thing by being willing to jump into the unknown early on, before anyone else has figured it out. By moving into new ventures with a Growth Mindset, she has supercharged her career. Anne talks about the importance of dressing up, no matter your role, and why working for people who challenge and inspire you is vital for career success. Hear her advice for early-career women, and the lessons she has learned on her own journey.

Jayne Babine

VP of Media & Marketing with Neustar Marketing Services

Jayne Babine, VP of Media & Marketing with Neustar Marketing Services, speaks with The MADWomen Podcast host, Liz Horowitz, about how a formal mentoring relationship guided her mid-career path. Hear how specific health & wellness tactics made Jayne’s transition to motherhood more productive and less stressful, and what her mentor told her that has shaped how she approaches balance and self-care.

Sarah Van Mosel

Chief Podcast Sales and Strategy Officer at Market Enginuity

Sarah came to Acast after many years and several senior management roles with public radio in New York. She shares with us the risks she has undertaken in her career which she credits to the mentorship of the legendary Laura Walker, the C.E.O of New York Public Radio who encouraged her have high expectations and jump off that cliff because you’re going to land in an interesting place. Sarah’s inspirational story shows how trusting her gut and thinking big created her amazing career path.

Kelly Hoey

Networking Expert In A Hyper-Connected World

Kelly started her career as an attorney in Toronto and evolved through a fascinating journey to become president of 85 Broads. In addition to innovative networking strategies, she shares the lessons and experiences of those in her amazing network to help people navigate careers and relationships in this omni channelled digital career age.

Maria Dykstra

Managing Director of TreDigital

As the Managing Director of TreDigital, Maria will share with us how she manages being both an entrepreneur AND a mother, why she feels women have a different approach to leadership than men, and the part that travel plays in both her personal and professional life.