WiW Superstars recognizes women that have gone above and beyond to make WiW a success. Each month, we feature up to three women leaders in our WiW newsletter, on our website and in social media. We want the world to know the WiW leaders and the contributions they make to their community. As an added bonus, WiW Superstars get executive coaching from our WiW Advisory Board to enhance professional development and promote long-term career success. The women selected for May have gone above and beyond for WiW. They have embodied the pillars of our organization: connect, inspire and empower. Please join us in congratulating Aurelie Guerrieri, Joby Eisenberg, and Reagan Nunnally!

Aurelie Guerrieri
Co-President at WiW

Aurelie Guerrieri is Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Cheetah Mobile and Co-President of Women in Wireless. Aurelie is a leading global catalyst in mobile advertising and a champion for diversification of the wireless ecosystem. She is a seasoned mobile executive with international strategy, business development and marketing expertise. Aurelie has been the fearless leader running Women in Wireless with Emily McInerny for the last year and a half. In this capacity, Aurelie has taken WiW to the next level by introducing the Executive Women’s Initiative, to bring more top level women to the organization, and the Diversity Initiative, to help address corporate diversity and bring in national revenue. Aurelie was recently featured for her accomplishments in Forbes and continues to inspire WiW leadership to step up through her fantastic example.

Keegan Kennedy
Sr. Manager of Brand Advertising at T-Mobile
Event Lead at WiW Seattle


Joby Eisenberg is a Senior Manager of Brand Advertising at T-Mobile. She is a seasoned marketing professional with expertise in retail marketing and multi-media advertising. She is also the Event Chair for Women in Wireless Seattle. Joby is a pillar of strength and initiative for Women in Wireless Seattle. She served as the liaison to our corporate sponsor T-Mobile, coordinating between leadership teams and spearheading events. Joby also spearheaded Lean-In Circles for Seattle and has led a successful circle for several years. She is a tremendous asset to the Seattle Chapter and a source of positive energy to everyone around her.

Reagan Nunnally
Co-Founder at Upskill
EWI Co-Chair at WiW

Reagan Nunnally is Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at UpSkill, a learning and development platform for the adtech/martech community. She is also the Co-Chair of the Women in Wireless Executive Women’s Initiative (EWI). Reagan is a seasoned advertising executive, having held senior roles at companies such as Google, xAd, and Viacom. Reagan recently stepped into the Co-Chair role on EWI and has already proven to be a forward-thinking leader in all things EWI. She motivates the team with her smart ideas and consistently contributes in so many ways. The team loves working with Reagan.